Lanterns of Knowledge – Hardback


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Lanterns of Knowledge – Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam


Lanterns of Knowledge – Hardback

Once the commentary of Kitābul ʿIlm in Bukhāri was completed, we realised that this chapter is an entire topic in itself due to its fascinating and insightful perspective on knowledge. When compiling this commentary, there were many beautiful reminders as well as points of guidance for everyone’s personal life as well as their lifelong quest for knowledge. Therefore, the commentary of this chapter alone would be beneficial for all seekers of knowledge and the idea of publishing it as a separate book came to mind.

It is hoped that this book will be a means of inspiration and guidance for all students and teachers of Dīn as well as seekers of knowledge in general. May Allāh I accept all the efforts of those students who contributed in compiling this inspirational book, without them, this task would not have been possible. Amīn.



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