Course Policy & Code of Conduct


  1. All students who will be absent or arriving late must inform the reception on that day. The reception staff have the full authority to question the student the reason for arriving late or being absent.
  2. Absences or lateness exceeding more than 20 days in a year without a valid excuse will be penalized. They could be either liable for expulsion from the Madrasah or repeating the academic year again.


  1. All students must adhere to the Islamic dress codes set by JKN.
    Male: White Jubba/Kamees & white topees. A sweater or waist jacket may be worn over the Jubba/Kamees. Hair should be kept at one length.Female: Black plain Jilbāb (Burqa) with black Hijab.
  2. Students are NOT ALLOWED to bring MOBILE PHONES into the Madrasah except for emergency cases only. In case of emergency, mobile phones must be handed into the reception desk upon arrival and collected when leaving. The Madrasah will take no liabilities for any phones not collected from the reception desk after class finishing.
  1. All younger students can purchase JKN Madrasah bag and daily planner from Al-Mumin bookshop.