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As-salāmu Alaykum wa-raḥmatu -llāhi wa-barakātuh, Dear respected parents and students. Pray that you are all well in health and Imaan.

JKN Institute will be officially opening ONSITE on Monday 31st August

Please ensure you stick to these 10 COVID safety guidelines at all times

1. Any students with persistent cough, fever, and loss of taste and smell must not come to the institute for 10 days and telephone JKN reception to let us know. This also includes students who are expected to self isolate for 14 days because a member of their household is positive for COVID.

2. Students should perform wudhu at home before arriving and only use madrasa toilets if there is real need only. However, they must ensure they disinfect after themselves if they use these facilities.

3. Students must bring a bag for their shoes which should be kept on the shoe racks at all times.

4. When students enter the building they must use hand sanitizer as provided. They should avoid facial contact with their hands throughout and leave using hand sanitizer.

5. There should be no physical contact between students and teachers. No handshakes or hugging, physical greeting.

6. All students must wear face-covering / masks throughout their time in the building (niqab should suffice as face covering for sisters) except this is optional when they are in their own class as this will become their safe class bubble.

7. No bags, books, or items should be left in the institute. Desks should be disinfected by students when students arrive and when they leave. (Wipes will be available)

8. Salah will be read in your own allocated rooms on time with the Azaan. Students should stand in rows without physical contact for salah.

9. All students who mix and gather for classes on the 3rd floor must socially distance (either 1m with masks or 2m without masks)

10. All doors to be used, will remain open throughout as much as is possible including windows and no one should touch doors/ handles/ walls/furniture/windows unless needed.

See 2020-21 Timetable for your class timings and ensure you all attend on time.

Looking forward to seeing you face to face

Jazakamullahu Khayran
JKN Admin