Jāmiah Khātamun Nabiyeen, commonly known as JKN Institute was established in June 1996 from the residence of Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islām. With the Help of Allāh , JKN Institute has accelerated to become a nationally and internationally recognised institute of learning. We deliver courses for all ages, children and adults, mornings and evenings, full-time and part-time. We also hold many regular events and seminars on a number of subject areas throughout the year.

JKN Institute Evening Courses in English

JKN Institute has 2 decades of experience in teaching classical Islamic Texts to adults from all backgrounds ranging from the most basic texts in Arabic up to some of the most advanced.

JKN Institute is one of the first Institutes in the UK that developed a curriculum for adults with families, those in full-time employment and with other commitments. JKN Institute has been continually modifying its course design over the years to suit the needs of its students and to prepare them for wider society. This brochure details just the evening courses which are delivered in English/Arabic. We have a two year Islamic Foundations Programme for beginners (Basic Level Islamic Studies), which leads onto the 2 year Intermediate Classical Arabic Studies, where students learn solely from books in Arabic. Students who achieve a good pass at this level can then join our holistic and well structured Alimiyyah Course in English/Arabic, which is over 5 years.

Our Vision

To bring the light of true Islamic Knowledge to all, through the medium of traditional learning, publications and audio mediums. To empower Muslims in becoming active Muslim citizens through positive and healthy spiritual, ethical, psychological, physical and academic values.