In the Footsteps of the Prophet- Paperback


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This book is a comprehensive of 20 hadiths of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

Ideal for Students of Knowledge.

ISBN: 978-1-909114-76-0

Pages: 142



In the Footsteps of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) – Paperback by Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam

In my student days, whenever we were taught by Muftī Saiful Islām Sāhib, he would always encourage me to write up my notes in order to have them published so that others can also benefit. Over the years, I have contributed towards many of the JKN publications but it was only in my first year of teaching Zād-ut-Tālibīn at Zaytūn Institute, Leeds that the idea came to mind that I should compile a commentary on this book with the help of my students.

Seeing the eagerness of my students with their studies, I requested them to work together to compile their notes for each hadīth in order to contribute towards the commentary. As we studied each hadīth in class, gradually my beloved students compiled their notes into commentaries.









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