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Brief Guide to Completing the Al Mumin Nikāh Service Form

Al Mu’min Nikâh service (AMNS) is a match making bureau operating within the framework of the Shari’ah whilst being conscious of the Law of the Land. You are recommended to use this guide alongside when completing the AMNS form. It is vital that every section in the application form is completed accurately to enable us to introduce your profile to the interested member properly. If you are unsure of any information given below then you are most welcome to contact us during our office hours.

DO NOT fill in the registration form if you are below the age of 18, do not have a permanent British residency in the UK or you are currently in the wedlock of another person. Ensure you read and understand the Terms and Conditions carefully before signing the declaration. The earlier you return the form along with the applicable fee, the sooner we can initiate the process of searching a suitable match for yourself. Enclose a cheque payable to ‘Al Mu’min’ for the fee of £50 – 6 months or £90 – 12 Months.


Be assured that all applications are kept safe and not shared to any members or parties not affiliated with AMNS.


The application form is divided into two main sections;

1: Personal details that include a general background information of the applicant

2: Prospective partner’s details which the applicant must provide as to what his/her suitable preferences are in search for a potential match.




  • Applicants are required to write their full name, address, age, ethnicity, height, nationality etc. accurately. This section will provide the interested member an overview of who you are, thus to compare your suitability with them.
  • Parental Details – This section is essential as we will notify the potential match as to whether there will be parental involvement or not. For female applicants we need to know who will represent you throughout the introductory process and at the time of marriage.
  • Education and Qualification Details – You are required to insert the name of the school, college, university or Islamic institute you have studied in the education box only. Whatever qualifications obtained from the various institutes you studied must be inserted in the qualifications box. This will be used to compare the suitability of your education and academic level with the interested member.
  • Employment Details – Please start with the most recent and current employment detail followed by your previous employments. If you are or have previously worked in an Islamic institute then you must specify that also.
  • Additional Information – This provides us a general information about your personality, character, hobbies and ambition in life. State how you would consider yourself in terms of a practicing Muslim/ah and your knowledge base in terms of Islam. Interested member would like to know about your personality and your level of Islamic knowledge. Considering yourself a practicing person suggests that you take Islam very seriously and you prioritise the Deen in your everyday life, especially in marriage relationship. Being a practicing person demonstrates a positive sign for those who are seeking for a practicing spouse, thus increasing your chances of success. Members would also like to know the number of siblings you have which you must provide in the delegated box. Names and ages of siblings are not required.
  • Marital Status –It is essential you clearly state whether you are single, widow/er or legally divorced. We also require number of children and age from previous marriage if any. If you are divorced then you must clearly explain your reason of divorce. Interested members would like to know about your previous experience of marriage if you are divorced. You are not required to write an elaborative account of your previous marriage on the form as you can discuss this in detail with the interested member.
  • Previous criminal record –If you are guilty of any involvement in physical violence, drugs or have been convicted of homicidal offence then you must specify it. In the case you have ticked ‘Yes’ and specified either or similar nature to the above then we will contact you in person to discuss this with you.


This section will specify to AMNS of your requirements in seeking a potential match. This will serve as a guideline for AMNS staff when searching for a potential match. Ensure you are clear and focused about your preferences of what you seek in a future spouse. Being indecisive in your preferences will limit your chances of success, resulting in AMNS to struggle in finding a suitable match for you.


We require you to fill in the details of any two referee of your acquaintances whom we or the interested member can contact for more details about your personality in general. The referees must not be a family member or a close relative.


Having signed the declaration means that you have clearly understood the terms & conditions and promise to adhere to them throughout the duration of your registration. Applications not signed will be sent back and not processed until signed.    

Tips for success: Applicants are recommended to be flexible much as possible in their preferences. Broadening your preferences will enable you to benefit more from AMNS service allowing us to extend our search further to increase your chances of success. Compromise whenever feasible bearing in mind that you will not always find a perfect match. As a Muslim, your only paramount requirement in a potential match must be that there are practicing and always prioritise their Deen. When communicating with the potential match, your discussion should focus around the following major questions;

  1. What does marriage mean to you?
  2. How would you consider yourself in terms of practicing Deen i.e. prioritizing Islamic teachings?
  3. How would you resolve conflict in marriage if it was to arise?
  4. What would you desire for your children to become in the future?
  5. What are your hobbies and interests? Likes and dislikes?
  6. Financial stability (to be posed by the girl or her family to the male).

All Correspondences must be sent to;

Al Mumin Nikāh Service

Post: 118 Manningham Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD8 7JF

Email: – Subject: Bride or Groom Full Name & City Location

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