Takhassus in Fiqh

Takhassus in Fiqh is a post-graduate two years part-time course delivered twice a week at the Clifton Street Campus, opened to male and female graduates. The course seeks to specialise in Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), Usool al-Fiqh (Legal Theories) and the Qawa’id al-Fiqh (Legal Maxims) based on the Hanafi Madhab with application to modern Islamic legal cases. The course includes juristic seminars/mashq Fatawa, where students throughout the duration of the course are given hundreds of legal case exercises related to various facets such as ritual worship, commercial finance, family laws, divorce etc to solve. Students will demonstrate their ability to apply the maxims and detailed Fiqhi cases found in the classical works of jurisprudence to new legal cases. At the end of the course, students will have successfully completed three research essays related to Islamic jurisprudence, each of which presenting a critical legal study of a particular topic with detail referencing and application of principles from the classical and contemporary works of Fiqh.

Aims of the Course
The aim of this two year program is to empower post-graduates to become confident researchers and writers. To enhance knowledge and awareness in Fiqh. To develop the skills of deciphering traditional Hanafi texts with application to modern-day legal cases. Furthermore, encourage students to become lifelong researchers, effective teachers and presenters and to embody a culture of researchers in all aspects of their domain.

Structure of the Course
Tutorial classes will conduct two days a week, 3 hours per day for two years. Though a majority part of the course is tutorial based, it will also include interactive group discussion, group reading from classical Fiqh manuals (in Arabic) and analysing legal case studies. This enables the students to broaden their understanding and application of legal principles to today’s times.  Alongside the course, there will be workshops delivered comprising of both tutorial presentation and group discussion. The workshops include Knowledge and awareness and effective research skill development.

Entry Requirements

  • Have successfully completed a full Dars-e-Nizami Ilmiyyah course at a recognised Islamic establishment.
  • Able to read the Arabic text fluently, good understanding of Arabic Grammar and good knowledge base of fiqh and usool-al-fiqh prior to joining the course.

Enrolment Process
Step 1: To fill in the application form. To download the form click here
Step 2: You will be interviewed briefly and tested on your ability of reading and interpreting classical Arabic texts.
Step 3: After being successful, you will be able to join the course. Details of the Course will be provided on the day.

Course Fee
The total course fee for two years is £1200.  Details of the instalments will be provided on the day of enrolment.