Islamic Studies Course

JKN Institute fully acknowledges the difficulties of teaching Classical Islamic Texts to adults (men and women) through traditional methods, especially those who have other commitments such as work and family. Over the past few years the Institute has developed further to cater for such groups with the aid of experience and feedback from teachers/ students.

JKN Institute recognises that there are valuable, potential students out there who have not been given the opportunity to study such advanced Islamic texts and have the capacity to benefit Muslims and non-Muslims.

By the grace of Allah we have graduated students from various professional backgrounds, doctors, teachers and successful businessmen etc. who are now benefiting society and themselves with the aid of their knowledge and increased spiritual progress. JKN Institute has faced many challenges from different sectors of the community, but we are determined and will continue with our mission, learning and progressing in delivering Islamic knowledge to as many as we can.

The Islamic Studies Course in English is one of the first kind introduced by a traditional Islamic institute. This course has a number of special features, which are attractive and appealing to all.

  • Students design their own course according to their needs and time commitment.
  • Students can spread the course over a longer period if desired or progress through the course at reasonable speed depending on self-preference.
  • Students can focus on as many different modules they wish, ranging from 1-3 modules every year in the first 2 years Sanatain and go on to Intermediate years where there are 1-5 modules in the third year.