Alim Course English

This is an opportunity for serious students to study classical Islamic texts, coupled with an accompaniment of spiritual development. One of the more important themes to the delivery of this course is not just to be taught specific books related to a science, but the exact science is taught using classical core texts to give students an in depth insight as well as a general and broad understanding to the science as well as an analytical understanding of the approach of the classical Muslim scholars to the science. Students will therefore not just study a book from cover to cover, but will also be given the opportunity to experience the style of some of the many accepted and recognised books of that science simultaneously. This style of teaching serves a very important purpose which unfortunately has diminished in a lot of the current Islamic institutes namely:

    • Producing graduates that have the capacity and confidence to undertake the study of books which are foreign to the normal syllabus texts of a typical Dārul-Uloom.
    • Empowering graduates to become life-long learners.
    • Encourage graduates to research and to teach others in a professional capacity
    • Build the confidence, awareness and the appropriate skill base for graduates to take on community leadership roles and to serve their communities in varied settings.
    • Build courage, confidence and the necessary skills for graduates to take on modern day challenges and opportunities.