Academia & Research


This is a 5 year part-time advanced Islamic Research Training Programme. There are 5 levels of accreditation competencies, depending on commitment and competence.

JKN Institute aims to achieve standards which match or surpass university/ college accredited diploma/ degree and masters training programmes, Insha-Allah.

This is a unique opportunity to be an expert in your selected subject and to excel in:-

  • Researching effectively
  • Reading and thinking analytically
  • Writing academically
  • Presenting research with coherence and impact

The course is designed for advanced students of Alim course and Ulama who have graduated from traditional Islamic Institutes. Advanced ability in Arabic language is mandatory. Please refer to Research Course Details for further information.

* Please note JKN will not be accepting external students in as yet, however there are plans to extend the course to external students in near future.

Email if there are any questions: