Why Study at JKN

1. Our Invaluable Experience of Teaching Islamic Classical Texts to Adults 

The Institute has been teaching adults advanced classical texts for nearly two decades in Arabic/Urdu and English. As a result, the teachers have gained sound experience in having student focussed lessons which appeal to those who wish to study full-time, part-time or solely weekends. The teaching styles have adapted in accordance to the student time availability and capacity, yet preserving classical traditional methodologies of teaching.  

2. Combining Knowledge with Spiritual Development 

Spiritual development is the ultimate goal. There is a great focus on the students self development in terms of good Islamic character, morals and sincerity in worship, which comes hand in hand as the student progresses in knowledge. Traditional methodologies help to promote personal development. The student is also encouraged to participate in other JKN activities with the objective of developing oneself spiritually.  

3. Delivering Lessons through Arabic/English and Urdu Mediums 

JKN has for the past few years developed the Islamic Studies course and Ālim course for solely English speaking students. These courses are designed in modular format in the earlier years for reasons of flexibility and are all delivered in English and Arabic.

4. Unique Style of Delivering Lessons

The course follows the same theme as the well known Dārul-Uloom (Islamic institutes) in the UK. Yet, it is orientated towards working adults who cannot commit to full-time study and wish to learn through the English-speaking medium. The course, however, also differs from the traditional Dārul-Uloom in a number of ways, namely, the teaching styles are more interactive and competency based, the teachers provide handouts and use modern delivery techniques, the lessons are structured in a ’problem-based’ format to enhance students capacity to not only learn the science but also apply what has been learnt at a high academic level. There is also a greater emphasis on speaking skills, research techniques and dissertations coupled with leadership training, life skills, public speaker training and general social and political awareness.

5. Qualified and Authorised Teachers

All teachers at JKN are authorised to teach the books of the course through a formal system of transmission named Sanad (meaning ‘chain’). Our standard for qualified teachers is high. All our teachers qualify our minimal criteria:

  • They have all graduated from a recognised Institute of learning under the supervision of reputable Ulamā (scholars).
  • They have completed a full theology course and completed the final stage of Hadeeth study comprising the Six Authentic Hadeeth Books (Bukhāri, Muslim, Abū Dāwood, Nasa’i, Tirmizi and Ibn Mājah).
  • They have been given full authorisation (Ijāzah) in the Six Authentic Books through a recognised Sanad (chain).

The concept of Sanad is the inheritance of knowledge from teacher to Holy Prophet (SAW), hence forming a chain of knowledge which connects the student to the Holy Prophet e via his/her teacher. This is the formal system of authorisation in Traditional Learning.

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