Our Methodology

Structure and Format of our Training Courses

All our training courses/ seminars are delivered by Muslim scholars. We ensure all our courses are professionally delivered and quality driven:

1. All of our presentations are in Power Point.

presentationWe try to use all forms of modern technology to ensure you get the best of our presentations.

The slides are also given to delegates as handouts

2. There will also be handouts, booklets related to the course and presentation


Handouts come as copies of the slides and are all in colour. There may also be accompanying detailed handouts also.

We provide ample space for you to make your notes

We are happy to provide magnified copies of the handouts for those with visual impairment (unfortunately we cannot provide handouts in Braile.

3. We have regular breaks every 45minutes

breaksWe ensure that we have frequent breaks of 45-60min intervals for approximately 10 minutes.

We recognise that delegates require time to rejuvenate between sessions. All our sessions are clearly divided to address this


4. We provide refreshments throughout

refereshmentsWe also provide water, tea, coffees and other savouries and cakes etc during breaks to ensure you have the energy to remain focussed


5. We provide lunch for full day and full weekend courses

lunch breakIf the session is full day or a full weekend, we will ensure food is provided. All our food is Halal and HMC Approved.

You will need to let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.


6. We provide Creche Facilities for children




almumin nursery

We recognised that many of the females struggle to attend such courses. So we have provided excellent facilities for parents to drop off their children so that parents can be reassured and are able to focus on the session without any distractions.

Creche facilities are available at all our seminars for children aged 1 – 10 years of age. Place/s must be booked before the event. You can book the number of places for the Al-Mu’min Nursery Creche during the enrol process.

Price: £1 an hour

Please note:

  • All parents must leave their contact mobile with the crèche staff
  • Change of clothes and nappies where required must be provided by the parents
  • Any special dietry requirements must be catered for by the parents
  • Please ensure you notify us if the child/ren are on any medication and provide the necessary supplies when admitting the child/ren
  • Child/ren admission form must be completed on the day
  • You must attend to your child/ren during breaks and salaat times
  • The creche staff are all qualified female nursery teachers and have extensive experience in managing crèche and nursery

7. Segregated facilities for males and females

segregatedAll our facilities are segregated. Some of our delegates prefer it this way and so we ensure we respect their wishes.

Please ensure that facilities remain segregated at all times.


We ensure that female delegates have every opportunity to ask the instructor questions and there will always be female facilitators available for queries.

8. Toilets and Ablution Facilities available

toiletsThere are segregated facilities for both male and female. Wudhu facilities are available

If there any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us