Aims of Training Centre

To empower Muslims in becoming active citizens through positive and healthy spiritual, ethical, psychological, physical and academic values according to Islamic sources.

lectureThe JKN Training Centre  was established in August 2013 in recognition that Muslim scholars and students require more holistic training and education to prepare them as spiritual leaders within their communities. There are a number of training needs and skills that would support them in achieving and becoming the best that they can be. The Training Centre, by the Grace of Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala, now delivers a number of courses to address these needs.

The UK Ulama Forum was initiated as an initial response in identifying needs of Muslim scholars. As the forum has developed it has become more of a training platform which delivers bespoke training around leadership, counselling skills, management skills,  citizenship and a forum to discuss contemporary Islamic matters.


With time the training centre has grown rapidly and now has opened up to the general public to deliver courses and training for everyone.


One of the JKN Projects is “Al-Maqsud”. Al-Maqsud delivers training courses around leadership, including emotional literacy, time management, motivation and many more…

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The Training Centre now delivers training in Academia and Islamic Research which has now become a department within JKN and is growing yearly with increasing number of students and delegates.

Why don’t you join us and learn to be the best you can be!